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Safety just changed forever with the introduction of the Nautilus Lifeline a Compact Sleek Radio GPS for Divers that is Depth Rated to 425' (130 meters). It is similar in size to a Blackberry but a wee bit thicker. You can use it as a Full Featured Marine VHF Radio to chat with your friends. You can ask for help on CH16 from ANY Boat around you within an 8 mile (12 5 km) Radius whether it is the largest cruise ship in the world, a passing tug, ferry or yacht or the smallest fishing boat. It's a full featured GPS that even allows you to Geocache your Dive Sites. And most important of all, it is built with DSC Compatibility allowing you to Broadcast-an-Alarm and your GPS Position to every vessel in range that is equipped with a modern VHF Marine Radio. Lights will Flash, Horns will Go-Off, and everyone else's Radio will Auto Switch to C16 and your GPS Coordinates and brief message will be displayed on their radios.